• Mixin composition in Vuex
    Extending Vuex module with well-defined mixin to untangle intricate modules, and ensure the single responsibility principle.
  • Blockchain, the platform for trust and social scalability
    How exactly is the blockchain expected to change our economy? It is less about removing the middleman than automating its function: providing trust. And coincidentally, it also challenges the existence of omnipresent brands.
  • Blockchain, as simple as pineapple

    In the company with which I currently work, I was asked to give a very small talk about the blockchain to everyone, both devs and sales. The latter might have a very fuzzy idea of what cryptography actually is, and not understand words like hash and signing.

  • Blockchain, degeneration of an ideal
    For the 9 past years, the blockchain trend has continued to grow. Yet, we are still waiting for a cryptocurrency to take over our financial institutions, as was expected. And for a good reason: it suffers from an internal governing crisis, preposterous energetic consumption and a burst in investments that have turned it into an economic bubble.
  • Neural bandwidth I
    Brain-Machine-Interfaces (BMI) are coming. Our world and our very sense of self will be completly transformed in unimaginable ways. More than the distinction between IA and human, it is the symbiosis and collaboration of our specie that will be rewritten from scratch.
  • The back-up obsession

    Since a few years, I grew this rampant idea that I need to be independent from my laptop. My software, my work-environement, should be completly independent from my current hardware. Concretely, the scenario I envision is the following. I set my laptop on fire, violently smash it with a hammer and throw it out the window  —  voluntarily, or involuntarily. Then I buy a new one, type some command, a password, and 30 minutes later I am in front of my usual environment.

  • The essence of human labor

    I was talking with a good friend about, basically, the meaning of life, and how it impacts human activities. How does one occupie its time ? She advocated that a good life could be lived in pure nature, picking berries, and hunting for food. Like the Pirahã people. Doing the minimum labor for survival, and enjoying the remaining time for leisure, playing, relaxing and connecting … I strongly argued that I could not live solely like that.

  • Endless echoes